About Us

“Hi my name is Adelya,

and I have just recently launched the brand of basic things for home and office, and I started with the slippers ... yes, yes, the slippers :)

Have you noticed this moment of relief and joy when you put on your slippers after a hard day at work?

Home slippers are one of those inconspicuous things that create coziness and bring the feeling that you are exactly where you need to be. The same feeling comes from your favorite tea mug, pajamas or wool socks knitted by your grandmother. You do not know where you will be tomorrow or in 5 years, whether you will change hundreds of apartments in Almaty, or move to another country, these things will wander with you, because, thanks to them, you feel at home.

In order for our slippers to take care of you for a long time and remind you of our traditions, we used 100% merino wool. Merino is one of the most historically significant sheep breeds in Central Asia, very valuable for its wool. This wool has magical properties: to warm when you are cold, and refresh when you are hot. Merino dogs need to have their fur cut a couple of times a year to maintain their immunity, so no animal has been harmed.

For dyeing slippers, our masters from Central Asia use only natural ingredients. For example, apricot leaves, sainfoin and walnuts are used to obtain pistachio and yellow colors. Therefore, our products are safe for the environment.

I hope our slippers will become the very indispensable thing for creating comfort in your home and office <3

With care,